Popsockets Clip Mount


Now you’ve had a great Popsocket to hold your phone,what happens when you need your phone at eye level or drive on the road ? Well ,that’s where PopClip comes in .

popsockets grip for secure phone hold popsocket-holder grip

PopClip is a mini car mount specially fit for popsockets grip, it enables you to mount your phone on the road. Simply attach it to your air vent and slide your PopSockets grip into the mount to get a secure hold .

popsocket clip popclip how to use

custom white popsocket clipcustom popsocket clip in bulk

popsocket with popclip


Not only suitable for the car air vent, but it is also is a  multi-surface mount. The PopSockets clip mount allows you to attach your phone anywhere there’s a vertical surface. On your stationary bike for workout cycling , the wall for selfies or videoing , and even the bathroom mirror for your makeup tutorials. The popsockets clip is a wonderful go-to accessory for your PopSockets holder.

popclips vent for popsockets grippopsockets with popclip grip vent

popsockets with popclip grip vent   popsockets with popclip grip vent