How Much Time Do You Spend on Your Phone

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When talking about smart phone, it is more than a call tool. People use it to check email, watch video, play games or share social post and more.

Study shows that people use their mobile phone more 5 hours per day. And a lot of these phone uses are automatic behaviors. Which means you didn’t even get awareness of it, but already pick the phone, unlock it and open an app.

Under this concept, how to use your phone much more comfortable? Here we recommend you to try Popsocket. What is it? It is just a simple pop up phone grip that can easily stick to your phone to get a better leverage to grip phone, snap the perfect selfie or watch video easily.

how to use popsocket

Popsocket comes in a various colors, designs, which means you can choose different popsocket to match your phone case/bag color.

Want a custom popsocket? It is also easy. Now you can print your company logo, club name or team motto  onto your popsocket. Free design, fast delivery!