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Affiliate Program

Interested in our products and looking to promote?

Join our affiliate program you will get your own referral link which can be used to link to and promote any product.

By becoming an affiliate, you can earn 15% in commission on each order generated from your referral link. The more you share and promote the more you can earn.


Why Choose Us

  • Earn 15% of every referred sale
  • $100 Average Order Size
  • Free DHL Shipping on all custom orders worldwide.
  • Lifetime Cookie – Unlimited Action Occurrences
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Affiliate FAQ

How much can I earn in commission?

You can earn up to 15% commission of net sales. Net sales exclude sales tax and shipping/processing fees.

How can I track my sales?

You can easily track sales through our online affiliate dashboard interface. You can pull reports on sales, commisions, and impressions with a few clicks of your mouse!

How do i receive payment?

Payment can be done via paypal.

When will I receive payment

Payment threshold is 100USD – when this is hit, payment will be sent to you soon.

Do I make commission of my own purchases?

Yes! When you buy products from us by linking through your affiliate links, you earn the same commission that you would from a visitors purchase.