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Soccer Ball Customized Popsockets Review

popsocket personalized

As our phones are getting bigger and bigger ,even Apple are introducing the big Ipone max, it has become more and more hard to control the phone single-handed, not to mention processing work while operation the phones.That’s when we need a Popsocket.

customer ipad popsockets

Recent years ,Popsockets are so widely used that they have been named “the coolest tech you have to see”.People use a Popsockets grip to hold the phone steady between fingers with no worry of dropping it.It will also be used as a stand to take selfie ,or watching videos, instead of having to hold it up all the time.

custom your own logo on popsockets

Making customized Popsockets in your photo or brand logo has become a cool and fashion choice, either to match your phone case , or whatever style you want to show off.

  • popsockets grip style

“My friend showed my her own customized popsocket with a picture on it , and it gave me the idea of making a soccer them Popsockets for my team ,since it is so helpful.The results turns out to be so good , I am all satisfying, and all my teammates like it.” After placing an customization order, one customer shared his experience.

soccer football popsockets grip

How Much Time Do You Spend on Your Phone

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When talking about smart phone, it is more than a call tool. People use it to check email, watch video, play games or share social post and more.

Study shows that people use their mobile phone more 5 hours per day. And a lot of these phone uses are automatic behaviors. Which means you didn’t even get awareness of it, but already pick the phone, unlock it and open an app.

Under this concept, how to use your phone much more comfortable? Here we recommend you to try Popsocket. What is it? It is just a simple pop up phone grip that can easily stick to your phone to get a better leverage to grip phone, snap the perfect selfie or watch video easily.

how to use popsocket

Popsocket comes in a various colors, designs, which means you can choose different popsocket to match your phone case/bag color.

Want a custom popsocket? It is also easy. Now you can print your company logo, club name or team motto  onto your popsocket. Free design, fast delivery!

Popsockets Clip Mount


Now you’ve had a great Popsocket to hold your phone,what happens when you need your phone at eye level or drive on the road ? Well ,that’s where PopClip comes in .

popsockets grip for secure phone hold popsocket-holder grip

PopClip is a mini car mount specially fit for popsockets grip, it enables you to mount your phone on the road. Simply attach it to your air vent and slide your PopSockets grip into the mount to get a secure hold .

popsocket clip popclip how to use

custom white popsocket clipcustom popsocket clip in bulk

popsocket with popclip


Not only suitable for the car air vent, but it is also is a  multi-surface mount. The PopSockets clip mount allows you to attach your phone anywhere there’s a vertical surface. On your stationary bike for workout cycling , the wall for selfies or videoing , and even the bathroom mirror for your makeup tutorials. The popsockets clip is a wonderful go-to accessory for your PopSockets holder.

popclips vent for popsockets grippopsockets with popclip grip vent

popsockets with popclip grip vent   popsockets with popclip grip vent

How to Custom Popsockets

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Popsocket, is just another fidget spinner rolling on your hands, which has been the hottest phone grip product of 2018.

As far as branded promotional items go, it doesn’t get much better than a custom PopSocket since smartphone has swept worldwide. Study shows that over 80% of users just keep their cellphone within reach all the time, people even immerse in phone world up to three hours per day.

You see, it is such a great chance to skyrocket brand. Just print your logo on this neat little popsocket, it is easy!

how to custom popsocket

Let’s start:

  1. Choose your favorite white or black popsocket. If you want a clip for car popsocket use, choose your color too.
  2. Upload the photo of your logo/image. Please kindly send wide phone, no crop vertically narrow.
  3. Choose quantity you need and checkout your order.
  4. Your thing is done! We will send you digital proof of your design in 12 hours. After you approve it, your order will be processed in 1-2 days.

What is a popsocket Grip

Are you still using the iRing to hold your phone ? Then you are out . This summer ,more and more people are choosing one “in ” thing to have- the Popsockets holder .
custom pop sockets logo photo personalizedpopsocket personalized


So what is a Popsocket ? It is a hand grip for your cellphone, it offers a safe and convenient grip when texting or sanpping. When pulled out ,it makes a pop noise ,that’s why it got its name : popsockets.

custom popsockets wholesale bulkgrip phone holder pop sockets

It can be sticked to the back of a cellphone like an iRing , but more easily to be removed ,with the washable 3m adhesive, you can re-stick it wherever or whenever you want.

popsocket 3m washable adhesive phone grip popsockets customized


With a huge range of beautiful designs, a Popsocket is also a great decal for your phone ,no need to glue any other sticker decals on your phone any more.

personalized custom popsockets various popsockets pop socket wholesale custom